TIN Registrations

TIN Registrations

TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) Registration is very much important because it gives a unique identity to your company by commercial tax department of any particular respective state. It helps to identify whether the dealer is registered under VAT or not. To complete the process of TIN Registration In Delhi, NMS & Associates is always there to help.

Who Need A TIN Number?

If you are a manufacturer, supplier, exporter, trader or dealer of anything based in India, you need to have a TIN number. So, if you are any of the one but haven't applied for this yet, you should do it right away.

Documents Required:

  • ID/Address/PAN card along with 4-6 passport size photographs
  • Registered business address proof
  • 1st sale/purchase invoice
  • Copy of LR/GR & payment
  • Bank statement (for collection proof)
  • Security

How To Apply For TIN Number?

Gone are the days, when you need to deal with the complex procedure while standing in the long queues. Now you have the opportunity to hire TIN Number Registration Consultants In India, who are right here to ease the overall process. For the best support of Taxpayer Identification Number Registration, give us a call on the given numbers. Our expert team is right here to help you.